​Back in January 1993, upon the advice and urgence of an old acquaintance who has now passed away, I finally make it to Hermosillo, Sonora, MX.  He told me, “Les, you have got to come down here and experience this.”  There is absolutely great hunting for dove, quail, waterfowl, mule deer, coues deer and desert bighorn sheep.  I could only be there for five days.  I did experience great hunting for ducks, dove and quail.  I also got to go mule deer hunting and was able to harvest the mule deer in this photo.

​I also missed a giant non-typical and saw numerous other bucks. Needless to say, for a five day trip, I was very impressed with Sonora. I wanted to come back and look into setting up a hunting operation. Through the school of hard knocks, I worked with other outfitters in the Hermosillo area hunting Gould’s turkey, dove, mule deer and coues deer. I learned a lot over the next four years; however, I was frustrated as this wasn’t working. There were always logistical problems, monetary problems and I needed to learn Spanish!

In approximately 1999, I went out on my own and started Sierra Grande Adventures, mainly hunting mule deer and coues deer. We started with great success and harvested some big bucks. By November 2002, we added desert bighorn sheep hunts. I was on my own with a great Mexican and American staff.

In 2002, I brought my Dad to Hermosillo to join in the fun as a guide. I owe a lot to my Dad! He started me out hunting when I was about six years old. Had it not been for my Dad, I would probably not be here today doing what I love over the last forty years as a professional. My Dad, Charles Ezell, was an ace at hunting mule deer both in the US and in Mexico. Over my growing up, Dad both guided and hunted many big mule deer bucks. Here is a photo of a great mulie he guided in Sonora in his “hay days”.

Book Now

We are now booking for Colorado fall of 2024. We also have limited openings in Sonora, MX for Mule Deer, Coues Deer, and Desert Big Horn Sheep. Booking now for 2024-25 season.

Now I feel Sonora, Mx is back as a safe environment where once again we can produce giant mule deer, coues deer, and Desert Big horn sheep. Right now in North America Sonora, MX is the best place in the world to harvest a 180″, 190″, or possibly a 200″+ Mule deer, Big Coues deer, & Big Desert Big Horn Sheep

Our best overall gross scoring mule deer buck was harvested by long-time friend and client, Jimmie Dent.  We think this may well be one of the biggest bucks harvested throughout Sonora on January16, 2017, on free roaming, low fence ground.  Jimmie has put in his dues over the past 15 years in Sonora.  He himself has killed numerous 200+ bucks over the years.  Here is a photo of a giant typical he harvested a few years back.  ​

Fully Guided


I am pleased to announce we are once again offering fully guided package hunts for mule deer, coues deer and desert bighorn sheep on a limited basis.  We have well managed, exclusive ranches whereby we limit each hunt in order to upgrade our success.  We definitely have 180″-200″+ class mule deer bucks on these ranches.

However, it is still hunting and we make no guarantees you will go home with a big 200+ buck.  We will do all in our power to ensure you will have a safe, successful and memorable hunting experience.

I have a passion for big mule deer as well as coues deer and desert big horn sheep.  Please take advantage of this and join us “south of the border” for a great hunting adventure.