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We are embarking on our 45th year in the outfitting industry under the banner of SGO, LLC. This venture was founded by Les Ezell back in 1979, with our initial operations centered in Chama, NM. Our primary focus was on hunting Elk, Mule Deer, and Antelope, with occasional Black Bear harvests. Over the years, our hunting territories have expanded to encompass New Mexico, Sonora in Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Kansas, and Texas, offering opportunities for Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Turkey, Antelope, Coues Deer, and Desert Big Horn Sheep.

This journey has been marked by countless miles and years of unwavering dedication and hard work. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our outstanding support team and our own commitment, we’ve achieved remarkable success in harvesting numerous trophy animals throughout our history. Over this time, we’ve not only honed our hunting skills but also forged enduring friendships with many clients, some of whom have since embarked on their ultimate hunting journey.

Today, we are thrilled to welcome the second and third generations of clients who continue to hunt with us. As we look ahead, we are currently accepting bookings for the Colorado fall of 2023 season, with limited opportunities for spot-and-stalk Archery Mule Deer hunts in November during the “Rut.” Additionally, we are now open for bookings for the 2024 hunting season.

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